Highway 1 Auxiliary Lanes and Bus-on-Shoulder Improvements — Freedom Boulevard to State Park Drive and Coastal Rail Trail Segment 12 Project

The proposed project includes:

  • Widening of Highway 1 from Freedom Boulevard to State Park Drive to provide:
    • Auxiliary lanes that would connect the interchange entrance and exit ramps, thereby extending the weaving and merging distance between the ramps
    • Bus-on-shoulder features that would support future bus operations on the shoulders of Highway 1 during peak congestion periods
  • Construction of a bicycle and pedestrian trail along the Santa Cruz Branch Line railroad right of way, from State Park Drive to Rio Del Mar Boulevard

Overview of Recent Open House

An online open house was held for this project, from September 17 through October 19. The purpose of the Online Open House was to present to the public factors to be considered in the draft environmental document for improvements on this segment of State Route Highway 1 and Segment 12 of the Coastal Rail Trail, and to receive comments.

Although the open house concluded on October 19, 2020, information about the project background, proposed improvements, anticipated environmental studies, project funding and schedule remains available at four stations — which you can visit by clicking on the Station icons at the left side of this page. A PowerPoint presentation provided for the open house is also available under the “Resources” heading at the left side of this page.